Avanti Windsurfing Sails

PWA Korea Report

11th of May, 2013

Phew it is over. A super tough event for the Avanti team. We are disappointed that we couldn't show our true form on the race course as both Finian and Peter endured a mix of bad luck and mistakes.

Here is what Finian had to say.

"Well things didn't go to plan here in Korea. We had only three races so no discard was allowed. I am unsure of where I stand in terms of speed compared to the others as I was continually put in situations whereby I was unable to show what I could do. To make matters more complicated I have been battling a painful lower back injury that was a result of being catapulted over the front many times from ropes in the water before the event.

In round 1 the wind was by far the best of the three races. I felt good on my 8.5 properly powered before the start of my quarterfinal and I was raring to go, but I was over the line early by a small margin so I was DSQ'd. Ooops, my mistake completely, I wasn't pushed or in a hurry for the line, I simply mistimed the situation by 0.5 second. That was a real shame because I watched the rest of the heats knowing that those were my conditions to show my speed and prove that the winter training paid off.

For round 2 on the same day we got as far as the quarterfinals. I won my quarter handily with good speed and acceleration so I was feeling confident for the rest of the event to get things on track. However the gods of racing had other ideas! The rest of race 2 and race 3 were sailed in north wind from the left which is a mix of rolling swells and a lot of chop.

This day was a disaster, there is no other way to describe it. In the first semi-final of the day I took my 10.0 as the race committee said there was 9-14 knots. But when I got to the start line I was completely over-powered and found myself up against the rest of the guys on 8.6. Since the start line was far away from the beach I didn't have time to change so in the heat I was having a hard time and couldn't qualify. I scrambled back to the beach for my 8,5 and small fin for the loser's final and alas, the wind was much less than the heat before and I couldn't get any power off the start line and I got buried in the pack. The classic situation of being on the wrong gear at the wrong time in inconsistent winds.

So for race 3 I decided that the 9.4 was the better option to hedge my bets in the up and down conditions and be sure I could get some power when I needed it and some control if the wind increased unexpectedly. This plan was working fine as I qualified to the semifinal ok. Then the wind started to play tricks. In two starts I was both times 2nd to the first mark and got away clean for a clear shot at qualifying for the final but on both occasions the heat was canceled due to a lack of wind. On the third try I got stuck on the back of a swell at the start and couldn't get away from the line so I got buried in the pack once again and this heat counted. Ouch!

In the corresponding loser's final I managed to get a huge piece of weed stuck on my fin right after the start and had trouble shaking it off. I finally did and got to the mark ok but a bit low. On the way to the 2nd mark the wind got very light and shifted so I couldn't make the mark as the current pushed me down. That was a pretty lonely feeling.

In terms of the M-1X, the sails feel actually really good with wind in them but both Peter and I could not show it.

At the end of the day this is racing and I am not complaining. I am very disappointed because I trained hard this winter losing 8 kg and getting on the water a lot before this event and things didn't go well at all. Fantastic job by Alberto who stormed to his first world cup win, bravo!

Time to get physio on my back and get ready for the next event in Spain and look to improve things there.

All the best,


Here is what Peter had to say:

"Hi friends,

The 1st PWA event of the year in Korea is over and done. It was a good experience in a way that I learned a lot about my equipment and so I could make some fine tunings that helped me to go even faster. Unfortunately in this event, I did not have the best timing and simply couldn't find my rhythm on the start line.

3 races can go really quick like that and before you know it you are out of the game without being able to discard any races. In round 2 of race 3 I even went over early, meters behind Cousin; should have sheeted out completely as I watched him go early before me.

Other then that definitely some bad luck, when Bjorn fell right in front of me and I had no where to go but straight through his sail, so I started in race 1 immediately on the wrong foot.

It was difficult to choose the right equipment in the ever changing wind conditions, the measurements from the race committee didn't help, would have been better to not have heard them because in 09-14 I can normally easily hold on to the 10 meter! But when Jimmy came back and said he was overpowered on his 8.6, perhaps I shouldn't have been on the 10.0...

When I finally got into the swing of things, not having done any starting practice over the winter, the second round of the 4th race came around and I got of a killer start rounding the first buoy at the same time with Bjorn, the wind dropped while I was in an easy qualifying position, already too late as all sailors were sent back to the beach for the finish of the event.
The race crew couldn't make it happen to do a race this day and that was it.

It was a long way to Korea for only 3 races, and frustrating not to having a real good go, but I look forward to the next event and hope to discard this one down the track after 4 events.
I feel competitive now and ready for Costa Brava, would like to have a lot of races there.

Congratulations to Alberto Menegati who won his very first world cup and Karin Jaggi for winning the ladies event.

So long, good winds