Avanti Windsurfing Sails

PV Maui Report

27th of March, 2012

Hi there Avanti friends.

Giving you an update from Maui.

After I arrived nearly a week ago, there's been no shortage of windsurfing action; since Tuesday March 20th it's been windy all the time. Today was the lightest day sailing the 7.7 Machine M-1, the biggest sail I've brought out while most others were using 8.6 up to 9.2.  I love the low-end of this sail, but in this last week I have had plenty of power on my 6.9, 6.1 and even 5.5 as well.

We've been jamming!

The sails have been proving themselves super stable to use in these choppy waters at Kanaha making it possible to get the maximum out of the Fanatic Falcons and without wearing any neoprene at all, a welcome change from European conditions. I couldn't help but to feel spoiled being here in the islands once again.

Lots of heads turning to see and feel the hi-tech Avanti rigs and being the only guy out here using them until now is a privilege. I have been finding the biggest advantage of these rigs the very early planing through its tensioned structure, and also the hi-end control of the stable draft providing the massive wind range. The handling in the gybes is excellent and keeping the weight on the board makes it easy to turn around in the strongest wind and chop and accelerate quickly over the back of the waves. Such a pleasure, windsurfing became ten times more fun than it already was!

Tomorrow another day of slalom shooting is planned and then hopefully soon the opportunity comes to go sailing at Ho'okipa as some waves might be on the way and a sweet looking new 5.3 Avanti wave sail proto shall be tried!

Aloha from Maui!