Machine VS Tempest

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Tempest VS Machine – which sail model is the one for you

This season Avanti Sails introduced a new slalom sail range with the Tempest. This is a sail range which was created with the user in mind whilst staying true to the tendencies of today’s high-performance market.
So, what differentiates these two sail models and which model is the right one for you? we will try to give you the answers

To allow the PWA racers to sail the sizes they do, their sails needs to be quite twisty but they also require a certain amount of wind to go at max speed.

We know most users of race sails doesn’t sail on the PWA circuit or sail their race sails in the Über powered-up conditions for which the sails are developed, so why are so many people buying race sails?

Well it is clear why, the sail sails have an amazing stability and acceleration but are often too heavy and hard to handle with their wide mast sock and 4 cambers for lighter users or the less trained

The gap between a 3-Cam Freerace and a race sail is too big. At one end, you almost always find a beginner cambered sail and at the other end you have a full-ON race sail.
With the Tempest we have bridged that gap.

The Tempest is based 100% on the Machine structure and foil shape. The profile in the sail body and the luff curve are all taken directly from the Machine, to give the user that unique race sail feeling and performance.

To make the sail more accessible for the Average-Joe windsurfer, we structured the sail on 7 battens, 3 cambers and attached a medium/large mast sock. At the same time, we wanted to give the sail a 100% efficiency in the actual wind range which our client would be using the sail in.
To achieve this, the Tempest has less twist compared to the Machine, making the sail more powerful in a lower wind parameter compared. In General terms you would use a sail size smaller than with the Machine.

So which sail should you choose?
Are you always sailing the biggest sail size possible, or do you sail the most comfortable size?

Do you look for maximum performance in maximum wind, or do you look for solid performance, easy handling and easy to control power?

Are you a heavy guy who can man handle a big wide sleeved sail with solid jibes, or are you a lighter person and have less excess power for jibing and pumping?

We have given you the options, now its up to you to decide and make the best choice.

Avanti Sails do recommend lighter racers to use the Tempest for competition as the design allows for smaller sizes to be used, the rotation of the sail body is lighteras well as pumping after a jibe. The Tempest is registered with the PWA for slalom competitions.

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