Avanti Windsurfing Sails

Finian Maynard

General Manager / Team rider


  • 4-time WSSRC speed sailing world record holder: Outright world record from 2003-2008.
  • 6-time speed windsurfing world champion: 1998-2001, 2006, 2009.
  • IFCA Slalom World Champion - 2006.
  • PWA vice-slalom World Champion - 2009.
  • PWA World Cup slalom ranking for 2010 - 5th.


  • 18-years testing experience with high-performance windsurfing equipment.
  • Refined and effective scientific testing method.
  • Extensive knowledge base of what works and what doesn't.
  • Tremendous experience at the top of the racing discipline.
  • Direct collaboration on boards with Jimmy Lewis, Dan Bolfing, Phil McGain, Richard Greene, Patrik Diethelm, Roberto Ricci, & Aurelio Verdi.
  • Direct collaboration on sails with Jeff Henderson, Mike Danielson, Willem Blaauw, Barry Spanier, Phil McGain, Nils Rosenblad, Robert Stroj,& Dan Kaseler


Born in Dublin, Ireland, at age 6, Maynard moved to the British Virgin Islands where he learned to windsurf off the back of a charter boat. He developed skills to be a top-level pro and honed his skills in what was , Caribbean-wide, a very strong racing community. It was from this foundation that Finian was able to launch himself full-time onto the professional windsurfing tour at age eighteen.

For many years, Maynard's home away from the BVI was Maui. On the Valley Isle, he matured and broadened his abilities to include gear development, working with many of the best designers in the business. He spent time under the tutelage of Jimmy Lewis, among others. As his understanding of board building and sailmaking grew, so did the value of his feedback.

Over the ensuing years Finian established himself as a regular performer at the highest levels of competition. In '03 he made yachting history by smashing the WSSRC speedsailing record on a sail designed by Dan Kaseler. The news rocked the sailing world. The title had been held tightly for 11 years by the sailing boat, Yellow Pages Endeavor, and it was thought highly unlikely that it could ever again be held by a windsurfer. It is perhaps also noteworthy that Finian approached the project on what could only be considered a shoe-string budget.

With that victory, Maynard was immediately signed up by NeilPryde. In '09 he made good on his promise, finishing second behind Albeau in the year-end slalom rankings, along with attaining the speed world title, comprehensively beating Albeau and Dunkerbeck... He was clearly on a roll.

With an oversized and diluted racing team at Pryde, Finian saw an opening to sidestep to Gaastra, rejoining Kaseler in 2010. It was to be a short stint for both within that organisation. It was clear from the re-born synergy that here was a partnership that could grow and flourish within its own framework. Both knew the speed records were no accident, and both knew that future sailing victories would take cooperation. In discussion, some months after leaving Gaastra, the two decided to join forces.

Avanti is the product of that collaboration.

Stay tuned, the ride is just beginning...